Friday, June 7, 2013

Danielle + Frank Engagement in Chicago

Danielle & Frank

Chicago Couple 

It was really interesting and exciting to be able to capture my brother and his wife to be in a more personal way and in front of such a fascinating background as Chicago. They were very easy going yet direct when I needed their input about poses and so on. We had a few good laughs during the shoot and of course we enjoyed some delightful Italian ice from Mario's Italian ice stand. They are expected to wed in late November and the fall wedding will be a beautiful spectacle. Can't wait to see them on their big day and witness their promise to one another and be a part of that ever expanding covenant. 



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Winter Fashion Shoot

A few months ago I was asked to photograph a photo shoot designed mostly by Camilla, Stephanie Mayer with many ideas incorporated from the models themselves. These lovely ladies were such a joy to photograph and they all exhibit such genuine beauty. It is such a learning experience to work with models and try to feel both their characteristics, body positioning and presentation in general.
This was a success and I will continue developing my eye for fashion photography.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Performance and the Camera

This semester the Performance Photography Class expanded horizons with the exploration of capturing different performances through the lens of a camera.
With Britten Traughber as the professor, the class consisted of all women and collectively the students did such activities as; sharing ideas, performing self-portraits, critiquing work and exploring resources.
This final gallery show is a description of identity and how each student chose to depict their self-portrait.

Please come and see the images in person and if you are unable to attend the opening reception make a stop by Transpace when you have some free time, or just make time to see it! The show will be up in Uptown Normal until Christmas Time!!!

My piece entitled Legs- the Series, was a journey led by my legs and just capturing them in character and allowing them to create their own being. From diving into dumpsters all the way to walking through a sculpture on Michigan Ave. My legs allowed for a wonderful exploration of self. Please come and see my big beautiful prints hanging in Transpace.

A huge thanks to Britten who is my amazing professor and friend. She is super passionate and just expanded all of our horizons this semester and my work would not have been so successful without her intelligent insight. Performance and the Camera, as a class, was one of the most intimate classes I have ever taken and in many ways we grew as individuals through our time spent exploring photography and individual expression. Great dynamic, and it is obvious when you see the work functioning as a group exhibit.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Artist Show!

I have a show happening from Oct. 1st through the month of Dec. 2009
My work will be on display at the Rachel Cooper Building, which is across the st. from Degarmo and Fell Hall. Basically next door to Metcalf, you need to walk through those doors off University St. and then go up to the 2nd floor just up the stairs and turn left. The "gallery" is the hallway straight ahead.
will be speaking about my work at 12:30 Thurs. Oct. 1st. so come and enjoy the space, me and food!
If you are unable to come, my work will be up until Dec.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

People and Sceneries

These images were taken over the past two years and I found myself attracted to capturing images displaying iconic figures that submerge within a surrounding which competes with the prominent characteristics of those subjects.

Wall Shot

Mike & Etna


Olive trees


Cemetery- Normal   
Funks Grove